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From your personalized web-store through our inventory management, we make managing Brand Collateral easier.

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Your full-service enterprise printing partner

Manage your business’s marketing collateral all in one place

The ADi Group is more than just a custom printing vendor, we are a full-service enterprise printing company. They are an experienced team, dedicated to helping your business revolutionize the way your marketing collateral is created, ordered, and managed.

Customer-centric approach where convenience, cost, consistency, and correctness are core.

The ADi Group’s singular goal is to make your business’s printed collateral management as seamless as possible. With preferred shipping rates, partner product pricing, and a fully digitized ordering portal/inventory manager. By working with The ADi Group, you’ll become accustomed to working within our evolved corporate printing management systems.

Experienced Marketing and Account Representative

Dedicated Creative Solutions

Unified Brand Asset and Inventory Management System

Optimized Process with Thorough Quality Control

High-Quality Printing Equipment and Materials

Fast, Consistent, Cost Effective Shipping and Fulfillment

Print easily, ordered confidently with
the ADi Group

When ADi Group first opened its doors in 1949, a philosophy was born- use the latest technology and processes to improve and streamline the way corporate brand equity managers do business.

The ADi Group networked with a number of the top partners in the print field, and has expanded their inventory, offering cost-effective custom prints on everything from Application forms to Zip-up jackets.

By deploying our easy to use and custom integrated inventory management portal, the power is in your hands to easily manage all of your corporate brand collateral, optimizing the way you order, track, and distribute all of your corporate branding and promotional materials.

ADi backs their custom printing product with an expert full-service staff who will assist with ever step of the production process: ideation, selection, design, proofing, printing, quality checking, and shopping.

Experienced Marketing and Account Representative

Our staff has been in this business for 60+ years, and have delivered on enterprise requirements from Tradeshows through Golf Tournaments, and all the tchotchkies in between.

We aim to support your corporate printing needs across all needs.


From the start of a request forming, we’re here to help. We collaborate with your stakeholders to understand the brand collateral goals, and identify fulfillment examples to ensure we’re providing you with the best solution for your need.


We don’t just run a print job and then send you an invoice, we strive to become an operationally seamless enterprise printing solution for your business. We’ll work with your corporate business systems to create a custom experience tailored to your business needs.


New products, machinery, and process optimization hit the market every single day. Innovation continues to be at the core of what keeps The ADi Group always moving forward. Our team is dedicated to continually expanding our parent network and staying up with the latest trends as well as keeping an eye on the horizon.

Dedicated Creative Solutions

The ADi Group has worked with corporate brand collateral since their founding. We have generations of experience, and offer a fully array of design services. Comprised of talent graphic designers and copy writers, and backed by years of experience, The ADi Group can help you with your marketing creative.

Concept Development

From the start of ideating a requirement, we’re coming up with products that would best suit your need. We’re graphic designing these products to conceptually show you what the end product can look like, giving our professional touch to ensure optimal logo placements.

Branding and Logo Design

Whether you want to add some extra flair to a product, refresh your brand aesthetic, or overhaul your logo entirely, The ADi Group’s creative team is ready to help. We’ll help to write tag lines connected to your event, re-imagine your brand logo, and realign elements to fit all printing shapes and sizes.

Design Optimization

Custom design file shared with The ADi Group will be treated and optimized to ensure best printing quality for the materials and products intended for printing. With decades of asset troubleshooting, we are able to work with your customer artwork to translate from digital to print.

Custom Web Portal Design

In deploying your business’s custom integrated print ordering portal, we’ll optimize the User Experience and incorporate your branding into the User Interface. The site will function easily with your business’s multiple locations, and feel like a corporately ran offering.

Unified Brand Asset and Inventory Management System

One location to manage, order, and track your business’s brand collateral. Retain consistency in all print requests, manage multiple business locations, and follow along with your inventory levels. Whether one person is doing all of your business’s ordering, or you have hundreds of users ordering from all over the U.S., our system is tailored to work with your business’s needs.

Tailored and Integrated

Personalized web-store tailored to offer a personalized buying experience for each user. Organizations can de-centralize the purchasing process and gain tighter control over brand management (Billing, Fulfillment, Layout, Product Management).

Content Retention

Content input into the ordering portal will be stored, optimized, and easily shared throughout the organization.

Direct Shipping and Distribution

Fulfillment orders to be shipping directly to buyer’s choice location. From packing and pelleting, to shipping and tracking, your fulfilled orders reach their destination on time and on budget.

Effective, Efficient, Empowering

Your business’s printing operation will be consolidated into one source that integrates with your entire organization. As a result, you’ll retain creative control and consistency, while saving time and money. Proof your asset digitally, track your inventory levels easily, bill and invoice automatically. Through consolidation an integration, the installed system will all eliminate a bevy of costly errors.

Optimized Process with Thorough Quality Control

In print, errors can be costly. With an abundance of experience in the print field, The ADi Group is continually optimizing process and implementing stringent controls to mitigate errors.

Measure Twice, Print Once

We have a process of conceptualizing, comping, and proofing that comes before any printing. We want our prints to be right on receipt, and we want you to be exited to receive your custom printed collateral.

Production Cycle Checklists

At order on-boarding, we confirm product numbers, manufacturing and decoration specifications, art files, pricing, and shipping information.

Before production, we coordinate with stakeholders to confirm the manufacturing order matches up with our project specifications. We prepare production ready art files and request proof approval before running the complete production.

At warehouse product receipt, your dedicated account manage pulls a sample to view for quality issues.

Resolution First Approach

We know mistakes happen, and when they do, our first goal is to quickly provide options and a solution for the immediate need.

Once the product has been fulfilled, we then take the time to review and identify ways to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

Quality Materials, Extensive Partner Network, Expanding Catalog

Over the years, The ADi Group has networked with a number of manufacturers and brands, negotiating partnerships to our clients with the highest quality materials and most sough after brands, at a cost-effective price.

Inks with Staying Power

  • Our inks don’t fade after the first wash, don’t crack on the first stretch, and don’t rub off on the first wipe.

Premium Materials

  • Our apparel and tchotchkes are made of the highest quality/most durable materials, fabrics, and brands.

Popular Brands

  • Direct partnerships with top branded materials like Nike, Callaway, Bose, and Under Armour.

A-Z Product Options

  • No matter if you want to print an apparel, a coozie, grill set, or Pool floatie; We’ve got access to an extensive catalog of options.

Fast, Consistent, Cost-Effective Shipping and Fulfillment

ADi fulfills product requests from the web-store and custom pick-and-pack programs. Our services include custom packaging, shipping and direct mailing. Our warehouse connects to our web-store to view live inventory and place orders easily from any device. This links t our shipment services so you can track your order from start through delivery.

On-Demand Fulfillment

Instead of printing brand stationary and documented materials in bulk, we utilize your custom we portal to empower you with on-demand printing options. Order today, shipped by tomorrow, direct to your voice of destination.

Our system eliminates a lot of un-necessary printing and alleviates a ton of waste. This results in huge cost savings in print quantities, storage, and waste removal fees.

Warehouse Storage

The ADi Group offers product storage, within our 15,000 SQFT warehouse and production facility. This includes carton and pallet storage, as well as pick-and-pack racking. The end result is an efficient storage option with a seamlessly connected distribution management.

Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient Shipping

Centrally located in Des Moines, IA, The ADi Group offers convenient shipping hub for both the easy and west costs. Having operated and shipping for years, The ADi Group has become UPS preferred customers. The coupling of these items results in cost-effective, time-efficient shipping partner, with passed along savings from discounted shipping rates.

Custom Kitting

Promotional gifts and welcome packages should emanate your culture and branding. With outstanding customer service from the on-staff creative team, in-0house production warehouse, The ADi Group works diligently to fulfill orders to your fitting. This includes providing design and copy guidance when producing and fulfilling your company’s customer knitting.

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We have a unique way to position your brand. We bring a cost-effective and efficient process to boost your business operations and product marketing. Time to eliminate the redundancy of your organization’s branded material ordering process. Trust us on custom promotions of your business which begins from sourcing of materials to shipping of finished goods.



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