This is what you can expect from our customized web-to-print portals when managing your brand collateral ordering needs. We simplify and streamline the process, and we meet your guidelines and deadlines every time.


ADi’s primary goal is to simplify the way your business manages the production and distribution of your brand collateral. We create, integrate, and customize a multi-tenant cloud-based eCommerce ordering platform, with centralized asset management. At the end of the day, ADi will provide your business with an easy-to-use ordering portal, and once installed, you receive continuous support from our dedicated customer support team and print production experts.


Our software model supports seamless integration and customization, bringing the tangible benefits of:

Speed To Market

Our private cloud infrastructure provides instant deployments without the need to provision hardware or install software.

You can immediately begin to apply business rules, configure sites, map processes and empower your sales and marketing teams with custom applications.

Management Infrastructure

Our platform approach includes everything you need. We do the work of managing the infrastructure, hosting, CDN, disaster recovery, maintenance and security.

Less Costs

IT resources are scarce and expensive. Our model eliminates many fixed IT investments while maximizing your existing resources. And with the built-in scalability of our cloud platform, you can grow without worrying about keeping up with technology.

Limitless Invention

Business process owners, front end designers and application developers can focus on the user experience across all interactions instead of worrying about expensive customizations and cumbersome upgrade processes. Through seamless upgrades, they can take advantage of the newest technologies, all delivered behind the scenes.

Inventory Management

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides real-time reporting to help better monitor and manage your inventory. We assist customers in determining which products are selling and which ones aren’t, so you spend your money in the most efficient way possible.

With effective inventory management, you can maximize brand promotion while also controlling costs.

  • Multiple catalogs assignable to multiple buyers
  • Buyer specific pricing with markup/down tied to buying options
  • Inventory management and tracking with real time availability

Organizational Management

Managing multi-location store and branch operations made easy. With the custom webstore as your centralized control center and the power of its decentralized ordering, you can allow your remote locations to order what they need and have it shipped directly to them ready for when they need it.

  • Assign specifics to any account’s role, inventory options, and billing currency
  • Track order history
  • Report on usage and account level expenditures
  • On-demand ordering with direct to location shipping
  • Rich modeling for typical B2B buyer organization
  • Complex relationships organized by role, department, location, etc…
  • Buyers, sellers, and suppliers with many locations

Features Include

Custom Ordering Portal

  • Custom branded appearance of the portal
  • Image rendering/web-to-print
  • Configurable/personalized items
  • Storage of customized artwork for future orders
  • Control of branding including fonts, styles, and colors
  • Advanced customization features
  • Self sign up with password protection


  • Approval rules
  • Organizational hierarchy
  • Budget control
  • Multiple payment methods (credit, spending account, purchase orders, rewards, etc.)
  • Complex pricing support
  • Preset pricing
  • Custom accounting codes


  • Notifications and status tracking
  • Supplier, inventory, procurement, and ERP integration
  • Many shipping options
  • Inventory display
  • Custom kit management
  • Grouping of materials into kits
  • Automated approval of orders

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