Case Story: Rain and Hail

Rain and Hail

Company Overview
Rain and Hail is a multi-peril crop insurer based in Johnston, Iowa. Since 1919, Rain and Hail has grown to become one of the world's largest crop insurers. The company supports nine division offices located throughout the United States.

Rain and Hail provides printed business products, including envelopes and business forms, to their nine division offices. As the company grew, managing the procurement, storage and distribution of the products became difficult and costly.

After reviewing the current situation and requirements expressed by Rain and Hail, ADi Group developed and implemented a print management program utilizing i-print solutions. This program allows Rain and Hail employees to manage their printed business products through an on-line order platform. They can view a current image of the product and determine how many to order and where the product will ship.

Rain and Hail has been able to outsource the basic functions of storage and distribution of their printed products. Utilizing ADi Group's i-print solutions technology has allowed Rain and Hail to better manage the supply chain as well as the overall print spend. The time, space and effort previously required to manage this program has now been devoted to more core functions of their business and has saved the organization time and money.